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From the 12th of January until the 15th of March 2023 I will be on break.

During this period I will not be able to ship any products. 

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Hand-forged silver bracelet.
The material for this decorative bracelet is completely recycled: I melted leftover silver and cast a solid rod out of it, rolled the rod to the right thickness and then forged it into shape with a hammer.
The process of forging and heating makes the bracelet slightly flexible, so that it can easily be fitted on the wrist with a twist.
The bracelet is lightweight and very comfortable to wear.

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Classic bracelet with King's Link.

This way of interweaving the rings is also called the Byzantine link.
The bracelet is 20 cm long. It can be made shorter by removing some links. Please let me know in a message if you wish me to do so.
The bracelet closes with a lobster clasp.

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Titanium bracelet, hammered slightly anticlastic.

I have anodised the bracelet and applied different colour areas to it. The width of the bracelet is 2.7 cm. The bracelet is 19 cm long, with an open part of 1 cm. If necessary, the bracelet can be made to fit by hand.

Titanium is an anti-allergic metal.