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Long silver necklace with links of different sizes.

Because of the rounding and rotation of the links, the light is beautifully reflected in them.

For extra comfort, the part around the neck consists entirely of silver rings.

Playful, easy to wear necklace!

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Extraordinary silver necklace, with three pendants: 'Woodpeckers'.

The handmade pendants are filled with synthetic resin in the colours of the Black Woodpecker, the Green Woodpecker and the Pied Woodpecker. A silver chain is attached to it. The whole, including the pendants, is now 57 cm long. If desired, I can attach a longer chain. Please let me know in a message.

A very unique and striking piece of jewellery!

It is also possible to order the woodpecker pendants attached between the links of the link chain. See further on this product page.

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Long silver necklace, inspired by three woodpeckers: the Green, the Black and the Pied Woodpecker.

The necklace is made up of marquise-shaped elements, made of square drawn wire. The three trays are filled with resin, in the colours of the three woodpeckers.

The part that falls around the neck is made of smooth chain, so that it wears comfortably.
The whole has a length of 80 cm.

A unique piece of jewellery, which will certainly attract attention.

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Hand-forged necklace with beautiful moonstone.
I obtained the silver for the necklace by melting residual silver, and then casting a rod from it. I then thinned it in a wire mill. I forged the bar, shaped it and finished it to make the final clasp. A beautiful moonstone of 9 mm in diameter attracts attention.
The pendant is slightly flexible, so it can easily be put around the neck, and then springs back to its shape. It is very comfortable to wear.

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Handforged silver necklace, with a beautiful Lapis Lazuli.

I made this piece from a silver bar that I cast myself, which I then forged into its shape. A Lapis lazuli of 13.5 X 11.5 mm is set in a case, which is soldered to the edge of the bar.
The necklace is easy to put around the neck because it is flexible enough.
A very special necklace.

Necklace 'Kauri'

€ 395,00

Necklace 'Kauri'

€ 395,00

Long necklace (74 cm) of loose elements, inspired by Kauri shells.

The shells are individually hand-forged. The inside of each shell is oxidised.

The part of the necklace that falls around the neck consists of silver rings, so that it wears comfortably.