About me


My name is Marieke Gerrits. I was born in 1964 in Bergen op Zoom, the Netherlands.
After various wanderings I settled in France in the spring of 2018. Together with my husband I live in a charming hamlet in the department of Cantal.


After having worked in health care for an extended period, one day the almost forgotten desire to become a goldsmith came to the surface again.
And so it began.

I mastered the basics of craftsmanship with goldsmith Dieuwke Raats, after which I got the taste for it with jewellery designer Frank van Zwicht.


This is what I want to do, this makes me happy.


So in 2014 I decided to join the Gold- and Silversmith Professional Training at Ben van Helden in Zeist. In September 2016 I graduated as Master Goldsmith.

In my workshop, located in the former stable of our 500 year old house, I forge my own collection.
I like to work with silver. Sometimes gems find their place in my work. I am also fascinated by the possibilities titanium offers. Occasionally I use synthetic resin, coral, or something else that matches the design.


I use recycled material as much as possible. I often melt and cast leftover silver to make wire or roll plate, from which I then forge my jewellery.


Maurs, october 2021